Online log for Team Kender

FOUND IT! We take turns letting the GPS guide us to the cache. Then usually it's Willow that actually finds the cache and Dan who goes digging through the bushes to retrieve it.
HID IT! We haven't hidden too many caches yet, but we're working on it. It's been fun to watch our first hide as cachers find it and comment on the area and the cache. It's interesting to see how a cache's contents can evolve.
TRAVEL BUGS! These are items with the express purpose of traveling from cache to cache. They usually have instructions for a desired destination or a purpose. You can watch a TB as it jumps from one cache to another all over the planet!
BENCHMARKS! Besides caches, Dan hunts Benchmarks. These are permanent discs or locations used by survey teams to get a fix on their location all around the country. You might see them every day but probably don't even notice!

25 Caches Found
1 Cache Hidden
1 Travel Bug Transported
7 Benchmarks Recovered

Contact us at and of course, delete NOSPAM to make it work