Lurking Fear was born in a house where strangers wandered through the back yard late at night and terrible things happened on the street out front on a regular basis. Cops, dogs, crooks, shelters for bums, runaways and beaten wives... that was our neighborhood. The house itself was cheep and riddled with problems such as the ever-present mold growing on everything in the basement. I left an amp down there for three days and it was covered in a sheen of green-white powder. Floorboards in the bathroom rotted to the point where mushrooms would spawn around the bathtub basin from our frightening basement below.

This is where I first read H. P. Lovecraft's The Shunned House, about a moldy vampiric presence that sucked the life from all who lived within the rotten house's confines. It was the inspiration for Lurking Fear's flagship song Something In the Basement.

Our house was a practice space for several bands and all of us who lived there were in bands. I played electric violin in First Bank of Christ, Tim played bass in Three Legged Dog. In our spare time we got together to talk about Lovecraft and other eldritch things such as our freaky neighborhood and also about music. We thought it was a good idea to start a Lovecraftian punk band, seeing as how we shared many common interests and of course were constantly inspired by our own horrifying basement.