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Toy Store 1 7/26/03 Why it's called that I'll never know
Hilaire's Cache - 7/26/03 A virtual at the Maritime Museum
Sounds of the Bay - 7/26/03 A cool spot in the Marina. A remenent from the World's Fair?
Benchmark HT3074 - 7/26/03 A mini lighthouse at the SF Marina
Flying Kippers Sky Cache - 7/18/03 Another one found with Pinapple & Mr Bitey.
Ambassador Cache - 7/11/03 The last of 3 on Dan's birthday!
Sigmond's Cache - 7/11/03 At the dog run in Stern Grove.
Merced Sunset - 7/11/03 The start of Dan's birthday cache spree. A weird place in the city that we had walked past before
San Antonio Slough - 7/10/03 Our strangest, coolest and creepiest cache oddysee yet!
Cafe Cache - West 7/5/03 We were exploring Fort Bragg and decided to pick this one up.
Magnetic Madness - Mendocino 7/5/03 The one and only physical cache in Mendocino so far.
Sutro Baths 6/14/2003 We love this area and it was great fun to find a cache here. Dropped of Wally the Walrus here.
Haunted Hospital 6/4/2003 Our first hidden cache and it seems to be getting good reviews so far.

Enterprise 6/2/03 Just down the hill from Rush Creek.  Found our first Travel Bug here! Wally the Walrus.

Rush Creek 6/2/03  Nice nearly vertical hike up a hill, just a few minutes from work.

Luciene’s Cache 6/1/03 Virtual of WPA art project at the Beach Chalet, at Ocean Beach.

GG Bridge View from the Presidio 5/27/03 Excellent use of Velcro for this one, and a really great view.

Marsh Mellow 5/27/03 Right across the street from where I used to work.

Resistance is Futile II 5/27/03 Another parking lot cache but this one has the best hiding place!

At The Movies  5/26/03 I missed it the first time I searched and found it second time around!

Benchmark HT2261 5/20/2003 Public Health Hospital, long abandoned and very haunted

Benchmark HT2262 5/20/2003 At the intersection of Geary and Park Presidio

Lon Chaney 5/18/2003 A Cache of a Thousand Faces.  Found before us by the local kids!

The Lil' Crissy Memorial 5/17/2003 A great day to be in GG Park and find a magical cache. Very cool! Dan got major sunburn.

Benchmark HT3068  5/17/2003 Prayerbook Cross in Golden Gate Park, SF, CA

Puppy Play Group 5/11/2003 Our first large cache, full of doggie toys and a very nice logbook. Lots of fun!

Lincoln Park 5/11/2003 A virtual just North of the Presidio in SF with a stunning view of the Bay Area and GG Bridge

Gorilla's Double D 5/10/2003 Willow's first cache and it's at the SF Zoo itself!

Wiener Dog! 5/10/2003 Doggie Diner across from the SF Zoo, famous for the big Wiener Dog head

Benchmark HT3424 5/10/2003 Watertank at FT MILEY VA HOSPITAL, SF, CA

Benchmark HT3003 5/10/2003 Finial on the Western dome at the Palace of Legion of Honor, SF, CA

Benchmark JT0791 5/9/2003 vertical disc at Odyssey Bookshop in Novato, CA

On the way to Get Shorty 5/8/2003 Dan's first find!  Just up the street from work in Novato, CA